St. Luke Anglican Church
Saturday, August 24, 2019
Evangelical * Sacramental * Spirit-Filled

Pastor's Message

As I look around I see many people who seem to be so lonely, depressed, or just about at the end of their ropes.  It is various stages of helplessness or hopelessness, and it is overwhelming in our society today.  I want to take just a moment to tell you that there is a cure.  The cure, and in fact the Healer of our broken emptiness is Jesus Christ, Lord, King, and Savior!
Jesus came to give us the gift of salvation and a new beginning, so that in Him, we can overcome sadness, depression, and all the other symptoms of sin in our life.  He came to give us life abundant.  He came to call us to surrender our sickness and pain to Him so that we might be healed.  He came to call us into His church; and to call His church to serve His people.
That's our purpose, here at St. Luke Anglican Church!  We are here for you; to help you, to minister to your weaknesses, and to help you grow stronger.  We want to introduce you to the Lord Jesus Christ.  He is truly our Source of all we need.  Come visit us at church and let us show you Christ's love. You won't be sorry. And besides, not only do you need us; WE need you to come and grow with us.
Feel free to call me at 859-255-2349, or email  for information, or just  an ear to listen to you.  Call, or come, and let us reach out our hand of fellowship to you and your family.
Father Dale White+