St. Luke Anglican Church
Saturday, August 24, 2019
Evangelical * Sacramental * Spirit-Filled

Holy Communion

 Jesus is at the Center of our Worship
We believe that Jesus Christ comes to us, empowers us, and blesses us in many ways, at many times; and that He is always present and working in us and through us, as we partake of His "body" and His "blood".  It is not just that we "remember back" to the time He died for us; rather we believe that He is still "coming to us" and "present with us". He fills us mysteriously with His Spirit; as we are obedient to the commandment of Christ  as He has instructed us to partake of His body and His blood until He comes again!
Our people are people of faith; people who believe in the power of the risen Christ.  We come to the communion table to partake of the body and blood of Jesus Christ who died for us, so that we may have "new life" in Him !